Case Study

Automotive – unattended, overnight delivery of
critical vehicle off-road (VOR) parts and daily stock orders.

Client Challenge – Our Automotive Client, who maintains a dedicated fleet, was incurring enormous over head costs and struggling to satisfy the daily demands of the dealership network for replacement parts.

Client Risk – losing visibility and giving up ownership of their distribution network.

Client Solution - Site visits were made to all necessary client facilities by our operation team to gain a clear understanding of the client’s unique delivery requirements. Accurate volume information and delivery details were gathered and verified. All dealers were also visited prior to start-up and arrangements made to guarantee successful unattended delivery access.

Once client and dealer data were analyzed, a shared dedicated route structure was designed within the Lanter Shared Network, clear communications were established to all key stakeholders and backup plans put in place.

When orders from the dealers were complete for the day, Lanter Delivery Systems successfully picked up from the various distribution centers and delivered the critical parts and daily stock orders with one consolidated delivery during the night throughout the relevant geographic regions.

Lanter Solution

1. Automotive line haul trucks – En route line hauls from multiple manufacturing sites in North America to strategically placed LDS Cross Docks

2. Lanter Cross Docks Employee with hand-held scanner – LDS Cross Docks scan, sort, segregate freight from multiple manufacturing sites and load 26’ Straight trucks for night unattended delivery to the dealer network

3. Lanter 26’ Straight Truck - Equipment of choice to make speedy, safe and consistent dealer deliveries

4. Handheld Scanner – Driver Intermec handheld scanner records delivery time, date and freight ID.  Return packages are scanned.

5. Automotive dealer – Parts are delivered in secure location at the dealer by 0800 next day.

6. Automotive Parts Distribution Center – Returns are consolidated at LDS Cross Docks and transported to  remanufacturing sites

Client Benefits

  • Consolidated route structures to reduce the overall cost
  • End to end tracking and trace of parts throughout the entire supply chain
  • Improved lead time to dealers
  • Improved dealer satisfaction
  • Limited number of touches to reduce damge
  • Premium services at a competitive price
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