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Trucking Industry — secure, unattended, night delivery of thousands of Truck parts

Client Challenge – Unlike the automotive industry, the Trucking Industry doesn’t have the luxury of being able to offer their customers a loaner vehicle when their customer vehicle is down. If your semi-truck is down, you’re out of business. So our client needed a way to improve outbound time-in-transit of emergency parts and stock orders to their dealer network versus conventional shipping means such as LTL, ground or air at a comparable total landed cost.

Client Risk - Lack of buy-in from dealers and ability to find a carrier that could cover large geographic regions in North America

Client Solution – Branches and Dealers order parts throughout the day and Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. pick-ups emergency and stock order parts at Regional Distribution Centers and delivers to the Branches and Dealers prior to 0800 the following morning. Parts are waiting on the mechanics versus mechanics waiting on parts. Customer vehicles are back on the road sooner, resulting in quicker vehicle uptime and much happier customers. In addition to the delivery, we also provide returns of reusable shipment containers, parts and core engine blocks.

Lanter Solution

1. Parts Distribution Center – Parts are ordered by 5:00 pm for night unattended delivery

2. Reusable shipping container

3. Lanter line haul Truck – 53’ TL – En route to Lanter Cross Docks

4. Lanter Cross Docks – LDS Cross Docks scan, sort, segregate freight from multiple manufacturing sites and load 26’ Straight trucks for night unattended delivery to the dealer network

5. Dealer – Parts are delivered in secure location at the dealer by 0800 next day.

Client Benefits

  • Greatly improved customer satisfaction and productivity. Parts are delivered consistently on time resulting in zero downtime for the customer
  • Dedicated night unattended delivery service at shared rates
  • Reverse logistics solution helped reduce overall landed cost while improving return parts, reusable containers and core engine flow back to remanufacturing and PDC sites.
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