Q1. What do we deliver?
A1. Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. makes over 8,000 emergency critical parts and daily stock order deliveries every day:
  • Agriculture Parts
  • OEM Automotive Parts
  • Trucking Industry Parts
  • Automotive Aftermarket Parts & Products
  • Field Technician Parts
  • Industrial Parts
  • Material Handling Parts
A2. More importantly……what we DO NOT deliver:
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Supplies
  • Office Products
  • Household & retail goods
  • Insurance & legal documents
Q2. What is our geographic coverage and what geographic limitations do we have?
A. We can provide complete nationwide emergency critical part and daily stock order deliveries to any established store, branch or dealer location (except Hawaii & Alaska) in the United States and Canada. We can provide Regional or SUPER REGIONAL geographic coverage from one of our ninety three outbound regional cross docks. Please see our geographic coverage map section for additional detail on our nationwide network.
Q3. What are our days of operation?
A. We provide regular scheduled Monday through Friday pick-ups at your PDC (Parts Distribution Center) with Tuesday through Saturday delivery prior to 0800. Yes, Saturdays are included at no extra cost to you or your customers.
Q4. What is "Overnight Unattended" service?
A. Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. is the category leader in Overnight delivery of emergency critical parts and daily stock orders. Overnight Nighttime delivery is a unique service where we provide a regularly scheduled Monday through Friday pick-up at your Parts Distribution Center with daily scheduled Tuesday through Saturday next morning delivery to your stores, dealers or branches prior to 0800. In order to provide this service, we meet with every store, branch or dealer prior to start-up to understand and establish a detailed night unattended delivery plan.
Q5. What makes us different from our competitors?
A. The greatest factors that make Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. your SINGLE SOURCE for NATIONWIDE emergency critical parts and  daily stock orders are:
  1. Over 30 years of overnight nighttime unattended delivery experience
  2. Our ability to provide consistent 99% on-time delivery in a shared or dedicated delivery network
  3. Experienced on-site management team, dock sorters and customer service support manage and control every aspect of solution
  4. Best value compared to other modes of transportation – ground, air or LTL
  5. Our robust routing/optimizing software (Appian – Direct Route) to manage your dynamic model
  6. End to end track & trace technology
  7. Over ability to duplicate proven processes in other regions of the country for you
  8. Our ability to cover large geographic regions prior to 0800
Q6. Does Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. provide on-site dock support for clients?
A. Yes, Lanter Delivery Systems, inc. provides on-site dock support to over 95% of our current clients. Our on-site dock support responsibilities include quality control tasks such as package scanning, package sortation, damage prevention and trailer loading.
Q7. How do we price and invoice for nighttime unattended service?
A1. We look at the following criteria to determine the most cost effective rate per stop for your outbound supply chain network:
  1. Shipment frequency to end point locations
  2. Total number of end point locations
  3. Geographic area
  4. PDC release time
  5. Amount of time required to unload at end point
  6. Average number of pieces per shipment
  7. Average cube per shipment
  8. Dedicated or shared service
A2. With our daily flat rate per stop model, we simplify and streamline your invoice by eliminating the need to manually audit weekly invoices for correct pieces and weight, removing the possibility of overcharging and simplifying the claims process. Invoices and EDI feeds can also be custom formatted with GL codes that are recognizable by your accounting systems.
Q8. Do we provide electronic tracking mechanism to track pick up and drop off of each emergency critical parts and daily stock orders?
A. Yes, Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. uses Intermec rugged mobile computers for data collection, data capture and bar-coding solutions. Should you have the need for bar code scanning, we can offer this service as well for an additional fee once the needs are assessed.
Q9. What is our process to onboard a new customer?
A. Our new client on boarding process is the foundation for recommending the best possible night unattended delivery solution at the lowest possible cost. The building blocks of this process include getting to know your business, in-depth data analysis, on-site PDC visits and a complete understanding of your requirements. Leadership based on this proven process in the early stages of the solution design GUARANTEES that critical factors used to determine optical routing, technology and cost are uncovered and documented within your solution.
Q10. Does Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. utilize subcontractors?
A. No, we do not use subcontractors to complete the final delivery to your store, branch or dealer. Our success has always depended on the high quality and solid commitment mix of owner operators and long term carrier partners. We complete over 8,000 night unattended deliveries in every city from coast to coast and for each of the markets we require qualified, experienced and reliable owner operators and carrier partners to provide the best delivery experience for our clients and their customers. Owner operator and Carrier Selection criteria includes cost efficiency, dynamic vehicle fleets, financial stability, owner involvement, safety track record and scalability.
Q11. Does Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc. provide return parts service?
A. Yes, should you have the need to consistently return parts or reusable containers back to the origin Parts Depot, we can offer return service and build the cost into the per stop fee once your reverse logistics are assessed. We can also provide you with a once a month return service if you don’t require consistent daily returns.
Q12. What does an ideal customer look like for Lanter Delivery Systems, Inc?
A. An ideal customer would mirror many of our current client models which have the following criteria;
  1. Views logistics as key supply chain strategy
  2. Multiple Parts Distribution Centers in North America
  3. Consistent delivery frequency to set endpoints (stores, branches or dealers)
  4. Need to cover large regional geographic footprints in North America
  5. Benefit from having your parts or products delivered prior to opening your doors in the morning
Q13. Do we have a contingency plan in the event of inclement weather, absence driver or vehicle breakdown?
A. Yes, we economically retain a pool of back-up drivers and cross-train drivers in the event a driver is unable to complete his route.
Managers, Supervisors and On-site dock support are cross trained on driver routes as well. Driver route books containing detailed delivery profiles help substitute drivers delivery your emergency parts to the agreed upon drop area and complete deliveries in a timely fashion.
Lastly, in the event of inclement weather and roads are closed by the Department of Transportation then we will make every attempt to find an alternative route in order to complete our deliveries. If your deliveries are not completed prior to road closure, our first priority is to complete the delivery immediately after the roads are opened.
Q14. What kind of reports can we provide?
A. We have the ability to customize any report you need; the level of detail is up to you.
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