Case Study




Client Challenge 

Agricultural parts distribution is unlike any other parts distribution systems. Farmers have a very tight window of time available to do field work. Our client was having difficulty consolidating and delivering multiple parts orders coming from multiple manufacturing sites then distributing to dealers as one consolidated order across wide geographic regions.

Client Risk :

Ability to integrate IT resources to track thousands of parts coming from multiple manufacturing sites.

Client Solution :

Dealers order agriculture parts throughout the day and Lanter Delivery Systems picks up from Regional Parts Distribution Centers and delivers multiple part order modes (emergency, daily stock order, special terms & completed goods) with one consolidated delivery during the night across a wide geographic region. By knowing your critical parts and stock replenishment will be there before the start of the work day: service improves,and inventory levels, work delays, and interruptions are all reduced! Prior to start-up, LDS visits each dealer to exchange vital information and gain a clear cut understanding of their unique delivery characteristics. LDS provides our client with an end to end real time scanning solution that can track & trace shipments throughout the entire supply chain. Lastly, as part of the overall solution, LDS was able to include the pick-up of return parts back to our clients re-manufacturing and PDC sites.

Lanter Solution: 

  1. Agriculture Line Haul Trucks – En route line hauls from multiple manufacturing sites in North America to strategically placed LDS Cross Docks.
  2. Lanter Cross Docks Employee with Handheld Scanner – LDS Cross Docks scan, sort, and segregate freight from multiple manufacturing sites and load 26’ Straight trucks for night unattended delivery to the dealer network.
  3. Lanter 26′ Straight Truck – Equipment of choice to make speedy, safe, and consistent dealer deliveries.
  4. Handheld Scanner – Driver handheld scanner indicating time, date and freight ID. Return packages are scanned.
  5. Agricultural dealer – Parts are delivered in a secure location at the dealer by 0800 the next day.
  6. Agriculture Parts Distribution Center – Returns are consolidated at LDS Cross Docks and transported to re-manufacturing sites.

Client Benefits: 

  • End to end tracking & trace of parts throughout the entire supply chain
  • Improved customer service and productivity to dealer network by consolidated delivery of all order modes
  • LDS ability to cover wide geographic region eliminated the need to open additional Parts Distribution Centers
  • Reverse logistics solution helped reduce overall landed cost, while improving return parts flow back to re-manufacturing and PDC sites
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