Case Study

Field Technician

Technicians – immediate reduction in travel time and inventory holding costs.

Client Challenge 

Our clients’ field technicians were spending time traveling to and from the main equipment depots for supplies and parts, reducing employee productivity. In addition, a reliable supply chain for returns did not exist. Therefore, parts would be stored in technicians’ vehicles, which substantially increased inventory-holding costs.

Our client was also experiencing inventory shrinkage.

Client Risk :

Lack of buy-in from technicians.

Client Solution :

Lanter Delivery Systems, LLC. engineered a low cost, night unattended delivery network where we deliver and pick up any return parts at the technician’s service van while parked at home late at night. By delivering directly to the technician’s service van they are able to receive parts without costly travel time and send back parts immediately.

Lanter Solution: 

  1. Parts Distribution Center – Parts are ordered by 5:00 pm for night unattended delivery.
  2. Plastic Tote With Label – Driver scans parts tote prior to departure.
  3. Lanter Line Haul Truck – 53′ TL – En route to Lanter Cross Docks.
  4. Technician Truck – driver exchanges totes, drops parts, and picks up returns.
  5. Parts Distribution Center – Return parts are delivered back to the PDC the following morning.

Client Benefits: 

  • Immediate reduction in travel time and a substantial increase in employee productivity
  • Easier returns processing that generates substantial reduction in inventory holding costs
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage
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