Green Means Go!

Lanter Delivery Systems and Environmental Responsibilty

  • Lanter Delivery Systems strongly believes that we must all work to reduce greenhouse gasses and pollutants in our environment.
  • At 10,000 deliveries per weeknight, freight traveling through the LDS system is a significant portion of national traffic causing emissions of pollutants. 
  • LDS recognizes both the responsibility and the opportunity of controlling millions of miles of truck traffic.
  • LDS is committed to using all tools available to minimize emissions and other pollutants related to our business. 

Lanter Delivery Systems’ business model was designed to be environmentally friendly! 

  • We drive at night, which means:
    • Improved average speed during congestion-free overnight travel. 
    • Reduced travel time
    • Reduced engine idle time 
    • Reduced emissions
  • Improved average speed also improves the dispersal of pollutants, reducing air quality health effects near roads. 
  • Nighttime travel reduces air quality burden during the parts of the day with the heaviest traffic. 
  • All routes optimized to minimize travel time and emissions. 

Over time, Lanter Delivery Systems has initiated many changes to improve our environmental performance. 

  • Joined SmartWay as a Logistics Partner, and have improved scores annually. 
  • Continuous improvement in routing efficiency. 
  • Developed recycling programs for all locations. 
  • Included environmental record in criteria for trucking vendors.  

Lanter Delivery Systems has an owner-down commitment to continuously improving our Green performance. 

Here are some of our current/recent Green Activities: 

  • Equipment – we established partnerships with truck leasing companies to facilitate earlier replacement of older, less fuel-efficient, higher-emissions trucks. The average age of equipment running Lanter routes has decreased by 15%.
  • Forklifts – we are in the midst of a 100% changeover from gas/propane forklifts to electric forklifts, greatly improving inside air quality for our people. 
  • Facilities –  we are evaluating all facilities for green changes, such as installation of LED lighting , enhanced insulation, etc. 
  • Standard Processes – LDS has developed and published SOPs designed to reduce emissions at all docks. For example, all trucks are to be turned off while loading/unloading. 
  • Green Route Optimization – we constantly re-evaluate our network to find delivery efficiencies. So far during 2017, we eliminated nearly 1 million miles from our delivery routes on an annualized basis.

LDS is all about Continuous Improvement. We have plans in motion for these upcoming Green Projects: 

  • Requiring all Dedicated Carrier Partners to join and participate in the EPA’s SmartWay programs. LDS will provide assistance and education to carriers. 
  • Facilities – we are evaluating all facilities for green changes such as installations of LED lighting, enhanced insulation, etc. 
  • Waste Management –  LDS is working to establish a national all-stream recycling vendor. 
  • Equipment – working with carriers and equipment lessons to encourage & facilitate selection of truck specifications improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. 
  • Lanter Delivery Systems operates a network and system designed to be environmentally responsible. 
  • We have invested in relationships and processes to improve our environmental performance over the years. 
  • We are currently working on additional initiatives which will result in substantial decreases of emissions and other pollutants. 
  • We are always searching for the next big-impact project to improve our environmental performance. 

Bottom Line: You can trust Lanter Delivery Systems to deliver your freight at the lowest possible environmental cost!

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