Our Service

Dedicated Quality, Shared Value

We guarantee that parts shipments placed in the late afternoon are delivered: by 8 AM the next morning, Tuesday through Saturday, to your dealers, stores, or branches. 

All emergency parts and stock order shipments are picked-up, distributed within our Shared Network, and delivered every night. Deliveries are made by drivers who have key-access to your facilities via lock boxes, storage sheds, or other means. The movements of all shipments are monitored throughout the process and a system of reports and notifications are implemented to keep you updated and informed throughout.

Using the Lanter Process, we create a custom Overnight Unattended Delivery service for you built on our Shared Network solution. The Shared Network, developed across the nation over the past 30 years, makes this custom-built delivery service possible.

Lanter Delivery Systems revitalizes your parts distribution network and moves your product into the field faster and more cost efficiently. We strengthen your reputation for quality service within your industry.

So, when you are done for the day, we begin our day. And yes, we really do work all night to keep you busy all day.

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